The Kadex Guys

Our Kadex service offers ground up builders a professional level 5 ceiling finish right onto the concrete slabs or planks. We service New York City and the entire state of Florida. We will travel upon request if the project is big enough.

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Are you in need of Kadex for your new construction multi family building? Look no further than AllCityPainting's Kadex services. With over 15 years of experience and a reputation of excellence, TheKadexGuys is your go to contractor in NYC and Florida for your Kadex, plastering and stucco needs.

There are several reasons why you should spec Kadex onto your new projects. First and foremost, our team has highly skilled plasterers who have mastered the art of Kadex in the NYC area. We have done buildings from as small as 10 stories to 90 stories within the NYC Tri State Area.

Additionally, booking Kadex with TheKadexGuys guarantees exceptional customer service. We understand that each project is unique and we work closely with GC's, architects and engineers to achieve the project vision. From consultation to completion, our team will prioritize your needs and provide professional guidance throughout the process.

This is how we work: we follow the concrete contractor as they are putting on slabs. We Kadex and flank 2 coats during that time frame until the building in topped off. The we come back for the 3rd and final coat after the framing is installed. Not only does Kadex save you money, but it gives you a luxury feel and completes your project in a faster time frame. Our square foot price includes: 3 coats of Kadex, Kadexing all the seams, flanking all the window pockets and corners for perfect 90% angles, and all necessary materials to complete the project. There will be NO change orders on our part, you can rest assure that our price remains the price.

In conclusion, if you're looking for top-notch Kadex contractor that combine skillful craftsmanship, a very fast turnaround time, and excellent customer care – book your next Kadex project from us today! Your clients will be overjoyed with the stunning results we deliver and the level-5 ceiling which we will produce on those concrete slabs for that luxury look.

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